Winter is well behind us and spring is officially here but this is Kolkata and Kolkata doesn’t seem to believe in spring so the sun is blazing,the heat seeps into your skin and leaves you gasping,leaves you tired,leaves you soaked in sweat.

The heat can numb you,2 in the afternoon and the sun’s premature fury becomes your only reality but then its dusk or you are indoors and can have the AC on and the acute physicality of your discomfort leaves you and you don’t know what to do with the empty.

So I start to write about the weather but run out of things to say then I turn to myself and find too much and too little there.

But I want to talk and don’t want to subject anyone to the essential nothingness of the universes brimming to spill out off my mouth so I type,hunched uncomfortably on this sofa,clock counting down to the end of today.


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