Sometimes I am attacked by sudden and intense bouts of wanderlust which almost always have to be abandoned.

I want to take off,leave behind the unbearable claustrophobia the city engulfs me in and make my way to-i don’t know,anywhere else  but to clearer skies,to red roads or palm trees,to some place where the stars aren’t too shy to meet you-or too exhausted to come out before the human eye,i don’t know which.To fresh air.To solitude.And above all to oblivion.

There is so much I want to leave behind,to set fire to,to forget.And I know this sounds-and is silly at 18-but to be free,to be limitless,to be boundless,to start afresh.

I want to take off,but my parents say it isn’t safe for girls to travel by themselves.And they are too busy,always busy.

So I sit here and I dream and I seek a certain freedom-one I’ve been hungering for ever since I can remember but can never quite seem to reach.I’ve been aching and aching till my longing reeks of exhaustion.Maybe one day I’ll run  away and I will reach my own little fairyland and there I will be free and start dreaming afresh.


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