I thought love looks like sun streaked happy endings in fairytales with just the right amount of sparkle,I thought love looks like four neat alphabets laid out between two neat little people sitting with hands held feet tucked in faces plastered with smiles I thought love looks like rainy nights and phones glowing awake beneath secretive blankets I thought love looks like stardust laced solitude

And I could have loved you like that,in defined syllables,in words that aren’t airy gild to everyone else,in between the covers of stories where everything is always alright in the end,I could have cramped my love into one word or three,into only as many words as it takes to spell out an “once upon a time” and “happily ever after”.I could have loved you in a way that infused life with a convincing illusion of coherence ,in a way that dimmed the April sun’s precise shade of harsh,made it just that much more bearable,made the world make sense.I could have loved you starting where rainbows do,and ending where dreams kiss the horizon.

But I don’t,only in the flimsy curtained realm of the could have been.But I love you in a way that spills over reality,in a way which makes of turmoil a canvas dazzling with every rainbow hue,in a way that renders words irrelevant,with a sense of finality that can only wound itself around the unseen and the unsaid,never the nebulous of the real,in a way that makes sure the non-love in flesh,is,every second,breathing away the fiction of its existence.And this love will always linger somewhere,here,right where the rainbows end


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