The Political Poem

Dad says i know nothing bout politics

He says hitting the N-O-T-A is escapist.

I understand a lot of noise about upcoming elections

I can’t make much sense of all that commotion.

I am only eighteen and Im already bracing under exhaustion.

I’ve looked to ideology for salvation

But I can’t make no connection.

I want to cheer for liberation

But too much of it can be sedition.

I want to root for an end to class division

But I dread the inevitable appropriation

It’s just the hammer-sickle brings back a lot of blood I saw at ten on the television.

I want to root for a woman Chief minister

But she starts to talk and things get quite sinister.

So,know what?

Your liberalism is a watered down wonder,but  I can offer zero adulation

Your conservatism is a wonderful veil for a neo liberal transition.

Your liberalism is what can WE do for the oppression

And phrase our contributions

clever so the victims kneel at our feet from gratification

We care about you SO MUCH for minorities as potential electors

just dont bring up the gore or you are fit for apprehension.

And some of them ministers

care a lot about women

they will tell us our domain

and go hunt out our sisters.


fuck it

our fire need no mediators

Wont have you hang upon our violations

like predators

Need no reflection in you as a validation.

Our fire

wont arise and evanescence

according to your convenience.

Won’t know limitation

from no constitution.

I thought democracy was all about us

but forget the fuss

that parts the toughest

and now you got the citizen

on your strings like puppets

and i say this from no feeling of harshness

its just because

i refuse to be a silent witness


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