Last summer.Me,trembling at the threshold of adulthood.There was some starshine in the air.There was hair long enough to be pulled back into a ponytail.There were XXL kurtas in the wardrobe and a dark red dupatta.

There were graded and certified triumphs there was merit listed relief.There was a whole lot of hope.

Last monsoon there were shoes murky from all the water and there were soaked through khadi shirts.There was pitter patter on borrowed umbrellas and there were misted over window panes.

Last fall there were unexpected storms and a whole lot of rain and sun competing over the sky.It was ill-timed.Autumn is a time meant for mellow moderation.

Last winter there was little cold but blankets and books and the miracle of survival.There were sweatshirts and quilted shoes easy to run in.There were worn-in hoodies and unwarranted warmth indoors.

This spring there was too much heat and too early,there was cowering in the shade to avoid indecent colour.

This summer.Me,trembling at the crossroads.There is too much sun here.There is messy growing-out hair.There are baggy tshirts stolen from Dad.

There is airtight happiness and microwaved leftover enthusiasm.Somewhere.


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