Dusty dusk and a sunset playing out in your eyes

I caress the tender in your throat and wonder if this is a wonder the sea washed ashore

Or if the gold in the sky conspired with the melting glory of summer’s end

To leave a sad-eyed little boy in my arms.

But we were seesaw hearts stuffed to the gills

With rotting sorrows and half cooked aches.

A year later,we are stranger souls taking the long roads home.

Even when the blue and the glory and the gore

Still nightly floods the sky every other sunset.

A year in, six months of grasping at anchors made up of stumbling blocks

A year in,the only difference is this

I no longer care if they sense you still

Smeared through the length and breadth of my second skin home

Through the course of all these half scribbled unfinished tales

Through the wrecked ashore bodies where nothings go to

So majestically



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