How long has it been since the soft peace last settled in your heart and sung you asleep?Maybe you can’t remember there ever was such a thing,maybe all the still sense of quiet happiness is just a still-slipping away dream but here is what I want you to know.

I don’t know when the stars fell off your eyes but I want you to know this.That there are shinier,brighter,more devastating truths bubbling beneath your skin.You may never pick up the flimsy silver that fell away a few moonbeams ago,but wait for this.Your quiet dream of becoming,it is blooming within you and maybe you never know,not till are cowering beneath the great terrifying canopy of majesty that is your self.But just you wait.

You have been a long while growing,and you are nearer the sky than you think,still,just reach out to touch your roots every now and then and you are safe.Cradled in infinity,secure in the gentle calamity-it isn’t that scary,is it,when you know the starry dreams still recall your precise shade of soft?Never roughen,never pretend you are any less than infinite tenderness and you will always find your way home someday.

And till then,while you tie the knots out of your hair and weave a forgotten dream or two back in,just you breathe.Breathe and hold a fraction of a moment still,gleaming cobweb laced round your fingertips.You will live,you will live,you will be,you will be. And all the while home will wait,a breath or a dream away,and home will be a castle still assembling itself within the clouds.Home will wait for you,all the while you,even when you stumble upon a closed door or two.But someday,you will sink your feet into a soft warmth you have never known before,and there will be a deepening dusk dawning over the clouds,and you will know.


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